Best Dental Night Guard

Bruxism or night grinding is the involuntary clenching or grinding of the teeth that is often observed when the individual is asleep. It may occur in varying degrees and may cause all kinds of problems in the mouths of patients; but mostly, the constant grinding destroys tooth structure so that vital tissues are exposed and the bite may become uneven. Depending on the severity, the symptoms may be quite severe, so resolving the issue at once should be your goal.

The effects of night grinding or clenching is best managed with a night guard. A night guard (also known as an occlusal guard or mouth guard) is a removable dental appliance that the patient wears to protect his teeth. The effects of bruxism are irreversible.. Once the damage has been done, the teeth cannot regenerate on their own and restorative work needs to be performed.  Therefore, patients’ best option is to protect their teeth from damage with a night guard.  There are different dental night guard options that patients may choose from, and patients need to choose the best dental night guard.

What is the Best Dental Night Guard?

A bruxer has three options to be able to manage the issue. He can buy a ready-made  night guard with standard sizes; he can get a boil and bite night guard which is slightly customized to fit the patient; or he can get a custom-made dental night guard from a dental professional. Of the three options, the best dental night guard will obviously be the one that is custom made based on the patient’s need and these are the reason why:

  • When custom-made night guards are fabricated, a dental impression of the patient’s mouth is taken so that the mouth guard is made to fit perfectly. This means that a snug-fit can be guaranteed, a fit that both the boil and bite and the ready-made appliance cannot achieve.  The exact fit provides maximum comfort.
  • The best dental night guard is one is custom made for you by a dental professional because you can  be sure that it is not going to introduce problems to your bite.
  • Another thing that makes custom-made night guards the best dental night guard is the fact that it is fabricated using the best materials. The plastic used for custom-made night guards is comfortable to wear and tough enough to offer true and reliable cushioning to protect the bite and stabilize the occlusion.

In terms of material,  you can opt for a soft, dual laminate or a hard acrylic night guard depending on your need. Soft night guards are best for minor bruxers and teeth clenchers. Dual laminate appliances, with a soft interior and a hard exterior, are more durable, while still being comfortable to wear. The hard acrylic guard is the most durable and it is the best dental night guard for heavy grinders.

Unfortunately, custom dental night guards tend to be very expensive when you get them at the dentist. allows you to order directly from the source, a professional dental lab, at a “factory direct” price.  Find out more about how it works by clicking here.