Pro Teeth Guard Reviews 2015

31st Jul 2015

Here at Pro Teeth Guard, we take pride in offering our customers the absolute best dental night guard buying experience. What do we mean by “the best”?

  • Quality: Perfectly fitting, comfortable, and durable teeth guards made from the highest quality dental materials.
  • Guarantee: A minimum lifespan warranty on all of our night guards, cost-free adjustments, and our 110% money-back guarantee.
  • Experience: From start to finish, we’re just a quick phone call or email away to accommodate your unique needs, questions, and requests. We’d love to talk to you! Plus, shipping costs are on us.

We warmly welcome feedback from our customers, and are constantly looking for ways to improve. Our customers have provided us with some amazing reviews. Here’s an update on what some of our ProTeethGuard customers have to say so far this year:

You guys are the absolute best and I cannot thank you enough! You have truly helped me so much when the dentist could not and I love my mouth guard!


review by Clare 1/5/2015, Lakeland, Florida

I'm very satisfied. The free shipping to Canada was very a big draw. Happy new year!


review by Paul 1/4/2015, Ontario, CANADA

Your night guard fits better than the last two guards dentists made for me over the years. My dentist wanted to charge me 1,500.00 for a night guard...Insane...I know...I showed the proteethguard to my periodontist and she has asked for your site so she can recommend your guard to their clients.


review by Nicholas 1/15/2015, Hyattsville, Maryland

The whole process was great, from ordering, impressions, to receiving final product. Thanks for such a great experience and excellent price!


review by Tia 1/18/2015, Erie, Colorado

I am a very complex case. I have TONS of dental work. Crowns, implants you name it. Sending back the guard was extremely easy. I was ALWAYS reassured of 110 percent satisfaction guarantee. The mouth guard now fits perfectly. It is by far the BEST night guard I have ever owned. I have been wearing one for the past 15 years so I would know. Excellent product and excellent customer service.


review by Josie 1/20/2015, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I contacted your customer service department before ordering and they were extremely friendly and helpful.


review by Tracy 2/5/2015, Verona, New Jersey

The whole process was so easy and I'm very happy with my night guard.


review by Maryanne 2/22/2015, Raleigh, North Carolina

It was very easy to make the impressions and the instructions were very clear and concise. The video was very helpful as well and the product is fantastic!


review by Ryan 2/24/2015, Woodstock, Virginia

The entire process was very simple and customer services was so helpful in making the right decision. I had tried to deal with another business but they were completely unhelpful and couldn't answer basic questions for me, so when I came to your website it was a relief to find great and fast personal assistance from the service representatives. I ended up with a great fitting night guard and a reduction in tension headaches almost immediately. I've already recommended this website to many others with grinding and clenching problems.


review by Caryl-Lynn 3/17/2015, Melbourne, Florida

The mouth guard fits great and my face doesn't hurt anymore! The process was super easy and everyone at Pro Teeth Guard was very nice and helpful.


review by Roxana 3/18/2015, Portland, Oregon

I'm so glad you contacted me because it has been on my mind to send you a Thank You note. The guard fits great and after years of dentists harping on me about getting one, I am so glad I was able to get such an excellent mouthguard for such a good price compared to what dentists charge.


review by Chrissy 3/18/2015, Boulder, Colorado

I am 110% satisfied and so happy I found you guys. Thank you!!!


review by Katie 3/19/2015, Los Angeles, California

I couldn't be more pleased not only with the product but with my experience with your company from start to finish. My dentist told me I needed one and she said she could have one fitted for me in her office for $600! Put off getting it for a full year because of the expense. I tried 2 over the counter ones and they were awful - uncomfortable and didn't stay in mouth and could barely breathe with it. I finally found you online, got this night guard and it works out great. I only wish I had found you earlier. I am amazed at how easily it stays in my mouth - doesn't slip out throughout the course of my sleep. I wake up and it's in exactly the same place. It fit perfectly, no need to get it refit. Thank you for everything!


review by Suzanne 3/29/2015, Madison, New Jersey

The customer service follow up when i messed up on the first set of impressions was amazing. Keep up the good work because I will order again.


review by Ross 5/27/2015, Pinellas Park, Florida

Pro Teeth Guard makes the highest quality guard I have seen - and all adults in my family use one. I Have begun recommending PTG to anyone I know who needs a guard.


review by Matthew 6/4/2015, Ontario, CANADA

First go round I messed up the impression and it didn't quite fit. I LOVE that you give a second chance for a correct impression at no extra cost. I just sent on my 2nd impression and I think I got it right this time. I think you offer an outstanding service at a more than reasonable price. Everything has been seamless and pretty simple. I would HIGHLY recommend your service to friends and family!


review by Leslie 6/6/2015, La Quinta, California

My experience with the Pro Teeth Guard staff was excellent and my mouth guard is first class and comfortable. The cost is reasonable too...especially for a custom mouth guard (my dentist wanted to charge me $600+). I am actually wearing this one every night. Thank you for all your professionalism, expertise and support.


review by Nancy 6/6/2015, New York, New York

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