Custom Night Guard

Teeth grinding is a painful and it can have harmful consequences for your long-term dental health. Your dentist will often diagnose the issue as bruxism and recommend that you wear a custom night guard. Custom night guards purchased through your dentist are often very costly with prices ranging from $400 to $800 and or even more in some cases.

At Pro Teeth Guard, you can order a professionally made, custom dental night guard directly from the manufacturer — a professional dental lab.

Order a Custom Night Guard Online is operated by a professional dental lab in San Diego County, California, where we let you order a custom dental night guard directly from the source.

Here is how the process works:

  1. Place your order online for a mouth guard here. We will send you an easy-to-use home impression kit for your teeth.
  2. Use the kit and bite into a dental putty to take an impression of your teeth.
  3. Mail your teeth impression to us in the prepaid envelope provided and our professional dental lab will create a custom fitted night guard perfectly molded to your teeth.

The night mouth guard we create is the same quality as the one you would get from your dentist. Our professional dental lab currently makes and delivers dental night guards for dentist offices here in California. We use the same professional dental materials and process for both our dentists and online customers at

If you’re not completely satisfied with the night guard you purchased, we’ll do everything we can to make things right. If for whatever reason we can’t resolve the issue to your satisfaction, you’re entitled to a full 110% refund (that’s right, we refund 110% of what you paid).

How do Custom Night Guards work?

The night guard (also refferd to as an occusal guard) is inserted into the mouth, and it covers either the upper teeth or the lower teeth. A well-made dental night guard should not be bulky, making it possible to sleep without being uncomfortable or having your breathing obstructed. The guard material cushions and protects your teeth, acting as a protective barrier and preventing them from grinding against one another.

Note that you typically only need to wear the night guard either on the upper teeth or the lower teeth. Wearing either one provides an effective protective barrier between your teeth. If you have questions around which one you should get, please consult our FAQ page

What are Custom Night Guards made of?

The quality of the materials used depends on the type of night guard you have. Over-the-counter night guards are usually made out of soft or hard plastic. Custom night guards provide you with multiple options:

  • The hard night guard is made from a heat-cured acrylic resin, which is a hard, clear plastic material.
  • The soft night guard is made from heat-contoured laminate material.
  • The dual-laminate night guard is hard acrylic on the outside and soft laminate material on the inside.

A custom-made night guard provides the best protection against teeth grinding and clenching since it's made from high quality, professional dental laboratory materials and shaped to fit your teeth precisely.

Where can I get a custom dental night guard?

You can order online now from below. All purchases are covered by our 60 Day 110% Money Back Guarantee. If you have any question before purchasing, get your questions answered by contacting us.

Alternatively you can order through your dentist, but you will typically need to pay several hundred dollars more.