Dual Laminate Custom Night Guard for Teeth Grinding

Hybrid Night Guard - Moderate Grinding


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What's Included

  • An impression kit with instructions to take your teeth impressions
  • All inclusive shipping and handling
  • One custom made Pro Teeth Night Guard for teeth grinding
  • A plastic case for your night guard
  • If needed, FREE adjustments until you get the perfect fit
  • 110% money back guarantee

110% Money Back

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  • Product Description

    This hybrid custom night guard is for moderate to heavy teeth grinding.  It is designed to ease jaw muscle pain and protect your teeth against grinding damage.

    It is made from a material called dual-laminate (approximately 2mm to 3mm thick): rigid on the outside and soft on the inside.  The outer hard surface provides excellent protection while the inner soft surface ensures a comfortable fit.  The night guard is durable and may be used for approximately 1 to 3 years, depending on the degree of teeth grinding. Please note: our hybrid night guards do not cover the third molar (wisdom teeth).

    Type of GuardBest Used For
    Soft Light to Moderate Grinding or Teeth Clenching
    Hybrid Moderate to Heavy Grinding
    Hard Heavy to Severe Grinding
    Ultra Thin Day Time Grinding

    Your purchase includes:

    • An impression kit with instructions to take your teeth impression: we take both upper & lower teeth impressions to guarantee a perfect fit for your night guard
    • All inclusive shipping and handling 
    • One custom made Pro Teeth Night Guard for teeth grinding
    • A plastic case for your night guard

    Please note: If you're suffering from TMJ or TMJ symptoms, we do NOT recommend ordering a night guard online.  Please consult your dentist directly.  For more information, see this article about bruxism vs TMJ.

  • Product Reviews


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    1. Great night guard

      This will be my third night guard from pro teeth guard and my first lower teeth guard. I love the product! I have tried every single drug store night guard and this one is the best. Definitely worth the money. The customer service is fantastic as well. I was not cleaning my first night guard properly (using too much alcohol based mouth wash) and it was within the 1 year warranty so they sent me a new one absolutely free. I have had this second night guard for over a year with no issues. I am now tying a bottom guard to see how I like it. Very happy with my choice so far. Highly recommended! on 12th Apr 2017

    2. Great night guard

      They are extremely customer service friendly. They send you what you need, and if you mess up they are understanding. The nightguard is great. Fits great and protects your teeth from being grounded down. A lot cheaper than your dentist will charge. on 5th Apr 2017

    3. Very good experience and quality

      No complaints. Very good. on 30th Mar 2017

    4. Excellent fit, quality, price and service!

      I had a horse accident to the jaw/teeth/face that resulted in the need for wearing a guard without fail every night - year after year. These guards fit perfectly. I ordered 2; the hybrid and the softer one. The instructions for the impressions were easy to follow, the guards arrived quickly, and the quality, comfort and fit exceeded the previous ones made through my dentist's office in every way. I will order a 3rd as a back up. I Highly Recommend ProTeeth Guard! on 13th Mar 2017

    5. Simply Awesome!

      In 2010, I was fitted for my first night guard in my Dentist office, I paid $300! After six years it was time to replace it so I inquired about the cost of a new one. To my surprise, my Dentist said it would cost me $500!!! OMG!!! After doing some research I came across Pro Teeth Guard and thank God I did!!! The process was simple and in the end, I have a better night guard than before!!! I am 100% satisfied and would recommend Pro Teeth Guard to anyone who is in need of a quality night guard for a fraction of what you would pay at the dentist office! I paid $159 with a one year warranty!
      Thanks Pro Teeth Guard for an awesome product at a reasonable price!!!!
      on 1st Mar 2017

    6. Great Night Guard

      Perfect fit right out of the box. This is my second one and both were easy to fit given the upper and lower tray and extra materials supplied. The cost was much much less than my dentist quoted me. on 26th Feb 2017

    7. High Quality Guard = Pain Relief

      For years I would clench and grind my teeth in my sleep, but this past year has been the worst. My doctor thought I had a swollen gland, the swelling was so bad under the ear and along the joint. My past 2 guards were purchased from another lab, but the last one cut into my gums. $300-500 along with the dental appointment is simply not an option. I come from a healthcare sales & service background, and appreciated the Pro Teeth Guard approach with upper & lower molds, ample supplies, both hard copy and online instructions, and the guarantee. I chose the hybrid model. It fits perfectly, and I showed my doctor the improvement. I definitely will purchase again. on 13th Feb 2017

    8. No More Headaches!

      My teen daughter had been getting headaches for the past 3 years. Within the past year the headaches (along with jaw pain) became a daily occurrence. We tried everything her doctor suggested even seeing a neurologist for an MRI. It wasn't until we saw a new dentist who suggested we try a mouthguard because she was showing evidence clenching and grinding her teeth more from the stress of the teenage years. I bought an over the counter product which offered a tiny bit of relief, but because of the shape and size of the guard it would always fall out of her small mouth. I found your website and of course was skeptical. But, I gave it a try anyways because I was desperate to help my daughter. From beginning to end, the process was smooth and easy. We received the custom mouth guard within a week of shipping out the trays. My daughter has had ZERO headaches or jaw pain since she started using her custom mouth guard 3 weeks ago. THANK YOU! I am a happy mom with a pain-free daughter. on 25th Jan 2017

    9. Impressed

      Have used these night guards for years and love them on 19th Jan 2017

    10. I can't sleep without it!

      I love my night gaurd! I was skeptical at first especially since it was up to me to make the impressions and send them in for the mouth gaurd to be made, but the proteeth gaurd team was very responsive and they even looked at pictures of my impressions via email before I sent them in! My mouthgaurd arrived and it was a perfect fit. Now I'm so used to wearing it I can't sleep without it. I'm really happy with the product and it's so nice to know I'm taking the necessary steps to protect my teeth. on 13th Jan 2017