ultra thin custom guard for day time teeth grinding

Ultra Thin Guard - Day Time Grinding


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What's Included

  • An impression kit with instructions to take your teeth impressions
  • All inclusive shipping and handling
  • One custom made Pro Teeth Night Guard for teeth grinding
  • A plastic case for your night guard
  • If needed, FREE adjustments until you get the perfect fit
  • 110% money back guarantee

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  • Product Description

    This ultra thin custom guard is ideal for day time teeth grinding and or clenching. It is made from a thin layer of hard acrylic (approximately 1mm thick). 

    It is thin, making it comfortable to wear and not very noticeable.  You can also speak comfortably while wearing this ultra thin day time mouth guard. It's generally not durable enough to hold up against night time grinding.

    The ultra thin guard may be used for approximately 6 months to 2 years, depending on the degree of teeth grinding.

    Type of GuardBest Used For
    Soft Light to Moderate Grinding or Teeth Clenching
    Hybrid Moderate to Heavy Grinding
    Hard Heavy to Severe Grinding
    Ultra Thin Day Time Grinding

    Your purchase includes:

    • An impression kit with instructions to take your teeth impression: we take both upper & lower teeth impressions to guarantee a perfect fit for your night guard
    • All inclusive shipping and handling 
    • One custom made Pro Teeth Ultra Thin Guard for day time teeth grinding
    • A plastic case for your night guard

    Please note: If you're suffering from TMJ or TMJ symptoms, we do NOT recommend ordering a night guard online.  Please consult your dentist directly.  For more information, see this article about bruxism vs TMJ.

  • Product Reviews


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    1. What a great find!!!

      I have purchased both the hybrid AND the daytime ultra thin guards and I can't say enough about how wonderful they are. Yes, it took me three times to get the impressions correct but it was SO worth it. Took them out of the package and was able to wear them right away -- no adjustments. And need I say, the cost compared to what you pay from the dentist's office -- well, there is no comparison. I purchased two mouth guards for about $150 less than it would have cost me to purchase the small, lower front guard from my provider. The customer service is one of the best I've ever encountered. I highly recommend these mouth guards for fit, for comfort and for price. on 25th Jul 2017

    2. Amazing Product

      I have the hybrid night guard. It took me three times to get the upper impression correct but was well worth the time. I have had my night guard for only four days to date, but am amazed how it went from packaging to 'Wow, what a fit'. The price is a fraction of what you pay at the dentist's office and the Customer Service is amazing, not to mention the guarantees. Highly recommend this product.
      on 11th Jul 2017

    3. Great product with great customer service

      I have the ultra thin mouth guard. The fit is amazing and the fitting process was easy. I feel I got a dentist fit and quality mouth guard without the expensive charge. I will definitely reorder when the time comes. on 6th Jan 2017

    4. GREAT product!

      I have known for a long time that I tend to carry stress in my jaw but at my last dental appointment it was apparent that my clenching was causing some damage. My gums are beginning to recede and my teeth are turning slightly -- and I'm only 31! What tipped us off was that my teeth were extremely sensitive during the cleaning, and that was unusual for me. My dentist recommended I purchase a guard and after trying a bulky drug-store variety and decided to look for something that was more functional as my clenching is stress related and occurs during the day time. I was apprehensive about spending so much money, but I am so glad I bought this guard. Creating the impression was somewhat stressful as you have to move quickly before the material begins to harden, but I was successful. I received the custom guard quickly after returning the impression and after wearing it for a few days I called customer service to ask about modifying the fit. The person I spoke to was very helpful and the return process was easy. The new, modified guard fits much better and I'm thrilled with the care and attention the designers paid to my requests. I wear the guard for the majority of the day and often at night. The first week I experienced some irritation in my mouth due to a foreign object being in there all the time, but now I am accustomed to it and have gotten used to speaking. Overall, this product exceeded my expectations and I am going to order a second guard to have as a spare just in case. My teeth are too important to risk further damage! on 15th Apr 2016

    5. Awesome product, Awesome people

      The dayguard is superior to one I purchased at a San Mateo, CA Dentist for $900,00.
      However, I recently lost employment and accidentally had my dayguared thrown out by restaurant wait staff. When I told proteeth they provided me with 2 discounts to order second pair. How nice is that ! The people who work here care about you.
      on 30th Sep 2015

    6. Day Time Guard

      I barely can tell I'm wearing this day guard. Great customer service and it's a great fit. on 27th Jan 2015

    7. As good as a product of this kind can get

      I cannot imagine that a guard made by a dentist for a lot more money could be any better than this. Its hard to get too excited about this product because it would be nice if it was not needed, but I am glad these people are here to provide this service as a do it yourself option. on 2nd Jan 2015

    8. Finally Found the Perfect Guard!

      Service was fast, courteous and excellent! on 31st Dec 2014

    9. Very satisfied with ultra thin guard

      I like the thin acrylic guard. I have previously worn a thicker guard, and the difference is huge. With the thin guard, it fits closely over the teeth (if properly made), is barely or not at all noticeable, and I can talk normally. I wear to bed, seems to work fine as night guard.

      I am a light grinder / clincher. But I had sustained a lot of tooth damage over the years, which I got repaired. So the guard is pretty important to me, to protect my teeth.

      I previously had a similar thin upper acrylic guard from another popular online company. The guard eventually broke (my fault, I was travelling). So I ordered again from the other company. It was an incredible nightmare this time. Literally, they were totally incompetent. I wasted many hours trying to work with them. I ended up complaining to BBB about the other company.

      So I tried PTG based on some reviews I saw. I was a little reluctant, because PTG is more expensive than the other company. But the quality difference is totally worth it. The PTG staff are helpful and friendly. And the result is much better. It's obvious to me PTG knows what they are doing.

      Taking the impression is a little tricky. Follow the instructions as best you can, get used to the feel of the tray in your mouth and how to avoid gagging, and try to center your teeth into the putty. The right size tray required me to open my mouth wide to slip in the tray. I was able to get a good impression on the first try with PTG.

      When I got the thin acrylic guard from PTG, I noticed two big differences from my previous thin guard: 1) PTG guard goes further back, includes my molars. My previous guard did not go that far. 2) PTG guard goes onto the hard palate some. My previous guard was much skinnier, just fit over the teeth. So when I first got the PTG guard, it felt a little different. Now that I have gotten used to it, I really like it, and like the way PTG adds extra material to cover more area.

      I brush the guard each time it comes out, and use mouthwash sometimes. Every time you wear it, a biofilm builds up. The film must be removed. If plaque starts building up on the guard, it's a problem. Plaque happened with my previous guard. I've had the PTG guard two months, and so far it's still perfectly clean.

      The thin guard is sturdy enough, if handled carefully, especially because it has the extra material that goes onto the hard palate. But I would always be careful with it, not leave it sitting around somewhere.
      on 20th Nov 2014

    10. ultra-thin day use tooth guard (bite plate)

      My dentist has charged me $600 twice for two toothguards, the first one of which I lost...that's a lot of money. He told me the impressions by the labs are what cost all that money. So I checked into it on my own. It's exactly the opposite.

      These guys here had 3 different options, and since I use my toothguard all day long, working from my home and people DO come to my door now and again, I chose the "ultra thin day use" one. It honestly looks as though I have nothing in my mouth, and it definitely does not look ridiculous nor slur my speech as the thicker, harder one does. I can actually speak on the phone with this one on.

      The process was super easy, the price was incredible ($139 + tax or whatever?), and the people are very nice individuals.

      I just have to not lose this, because it IS quite thin and it's perfectly clear...
      on 3rd Sep 2014