Custom Dental Bite Guards

Bite guards are not just an optional dental device. In fact, for people suffering from bruxism, they are a necessity.

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If you’re waking up every morning with pain in your teeth and jaw, it’s entirely possible that you are clenching and grinding your teeth during the night. The reasons for this condition can vary. Sometimes it’s the stress of everyday life or the anxiety over a recurring problem. At other times, it’s the consequence of another dental problem, such as losing a tooth. It can even be caused by sleep apnea.

However, whatever the reason for teeth grinding may be, the consequences of this condition can be severe and affect the overall dental health of the person.

Teeth grinding can crack the enamel of your teeth, or cause additional wear and tear inside the mouth. Furthermore, the constant grinding can put a strain on your jaw joint and cause soreness in the jaw muscles. Some people even report that teeth grinding made their teeth sensitive to temperature changes, which makes it hard for them to eat hot or cold foods. You have to admit; a bite guard sounds like a neat solution to a severe problem.

How Beneficial are Bite Guards for your Dental Health?

Yes, bite guards can genuinely be the solution to this problem, and we’re going to tell you why. First of all, they provide an additional layer of protection, which not only protects the teeth’s enamel, but it can also reduce the frequency of the grinding sessions. A high-quality bite guard will support the jaw, and prevent any discomfort or facial pain.

A Bite Guard for TMJ

TMJ, or temporomandibular joint disorder, serves as an umbrella term that covers pain, discomfort and dysfunction of the mastication muscles and the temporomandibular joints. The muscles of mastication are the ones that help you move your jaw. On the other hand, the temporomandibular joints are the ones that connect the mandible to the skull. Now that we have a general idea what we’re talking about, we can focus on bite guards for TMJ.

As you can imagine, suffering from TMJ is quite hard. It involves a lot of pain and discomfort, so finding anything that helps with pain management is valuable. One of the tools that can offer relief is the occlusal guard.

You can even find this bite guard over the counter, but before you purchase one, you should consider how probable the one-size-fits-all philosophy might be. The possibility of that working for you is frankly quite low. Therefore, when you’re in need of a custom mouth guard specifically for TMJ, you are better off seeing your dentist.

Pro Teeth Guard has been working with dentists all over California for a very long time, so we know how to make a high-quality mouth guard. You won’t even have to pay $500 for it!

A dental Bite Guard

Today, you can purchase a dental bite guard in three ways:

Over the counter – This is the easiest and the cheapest way to acquire a bite guard. Moreover, you probably won’t spend more than $20. However, there is a problem with these over-the-counter mouth guards; they can’t fit everyone. In fact, it is quite impossible for one model (or even 10 models) to be perfect for each mouth size.

This might look like an easy fix, and it is most certainly the most affordable way to go, but it’s also quite possible that it won’t actually do you any good. If you have a severe case of bruxism, an over-the-counter mouth guard could even create additional problems for you.

Through an online store that has access to a dental lab – This is where Pro Teeth Guard comes into play, because we are an online store, and we do have access to a dental lab. Moreover, we have been working with dentists in the area for quite some time now.

Ordering directly from the dental lab is the most prudent decision you can make if you want to save money, but you still don’t want to give up on quality. Why? Because Pro Teeth Guard does no markup the price by 200 to 300 percent, and the only difference between a dentist and us is who takes the dental impression.

In this case, you would have to take the dental impression yourself. Don’t worry — it’s extremely easy and straightforward, and we will send you the kit with instructions and materials inside. The most important thing is the quality, which remains the same. Furthermore, we offer guards made from soft or hard materials, depending on your condition.

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At the dentist office - The most expensive option is going to the dentist. However, he or she will take the impression for you and send it to a dental lab for manufacturing. The cost of these mouth guards are from $300 to $500, depending on the type, materials and complexity of the guard itself.

The fact remains that you should first calculate the mouth guard cost and the price/quality ratio before you make a decision. However, you should always bear in mind the seriousness of your condition and the possible consequences. Sometimes, buying an over-the-counter bite guard for heavy teeth grinding can be reckless.

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A Bite Guard for Sleeping

Here are the latest numbers from the American Dental Association.

Approximately 10 to 15 percent of adults are having problems with teeth grinding. They are definitely not the only ones, as that 15 to 33 percent of children grind their teeth when they sleep. That brings us to a rough number of 40 million Americans that suffer from bruxism. That makes it clear why the bite guard for sleeping is becoming an essential dental device.

In fact, most people only grind their teeth when they are sleeping, which sometimes makes this condition harder to diagnose. In situations like this, it is best to consult with your partner. They can let you know if you’re grinding your teeth during the night and if it’s time to order a bite guard.