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So, you know that you grind your teeth at night and you don't want to cause long term damage to your teeth. However, your dentist wants you to pay an arm and a leg for a custom made mouth guard for teeth grinding, and it's often not covered by insurance.

Well, did you know what most dentists don't actually make custom mouth guards? They use a professional dental lab. At, we offer professionally made, custom dental night guards for teeth grinding directly from the source: a professional dental lab dentist use.

We are operated by a dental lab located in San Diego County, California. Our dental lab currently makes occlusal guards as well as dentures and other dental appliances for local dentists, and we use the same professional materials and processes to create mouth guards for teeth grinding for our customers at

Why You Save on Your Custom Mouth Guard
When Ordering Online

Dentist usually order custom mouth guards from a dental lab and charge you a 200% or 300% markup when they sell it to you. By ordering from, you go directly to the source: a professional dental lab dentists use. You get the same professional quality mouth guard for teeth grinding, at a fraction of the price.

How it Works: A Simple 123 Ordering Process


    1. Order: Order online at and you will receive a complete, easy-to-use home kit for taking your teeth impressions


    2. Mail: Use the kit to take an impression of your teeth and mail to us your impressions using the prepaid return envelope provided


    3. Receive: Based on your impression, we will deliver a professionally made, custom night guard

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Based on your teeth impressions, the dental technicians at our professional dental lab will custom-fit a mouthguard for teeth grinding just for you.

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How Can a Mouth Guard for Grinding Teeth Help You?

Teeth grinding and clenching often occur at night, while patients are sleeping; therefore, many patients don't seek diagnosis.  Common symptoms of teeth grinding include waking up with a headache,  the feeling of tenderness or pain in the jaw, or unexplained damage to teeth.  In addition, your partner may complain of clicking or chattering noises that you make when you sleep.

Grinding and clenching during sleep can generate forces in excess of 200 pounds, and over time, can lead to damage of the tooth enamel and other oral health problems.  If untreated, teeth grinding can result in permanent tooth and oral damage that require surgery or other expensive treatments.  While reducing stress or home remedies may be effective treatments for minor cases of teeth grinding, most patients who suffer from habitual teeth grinding require professional solutions to prevent serious, long term damage.  

Can a Mouth Guard for Grinding Teeth Help Your Bruxism?

Not only can a custom mouth guard provide protection for your tooth enamel, it can also reduce the effects of bruxism. The additional layer of protection between the teeth provides cushioning for your jaw muscles. A high-quality mouth guard will support your jaw and prevent discomfort or muscular pain.

According to the research, wearing a custom mouth guard for grinding teeth can also reduce the frequency and intensity of grinding sessions. Therefore, you’re not only protecting your teeth, but also decreasing the chances of constant grinding.

Why Is A Custom Mouth Guard The Best Solution For Teeth Grinding?

There are three different kinds of mouth guards for grinding teeth:

1. The cheapest option is the out-of-the-box  mouth guard.  These come ready-to-wear; however, there is no way to adjust their fit.  As a result, they’re bulky and uncomfortable.  Due to the poor fit, they offer limited protection against teeth grinding.

2. The slightly better solution is the boil and bite mouth guard.  These mouth guards can be softened by hot water and then molded around the teeth.  While these boil and bite mouth guards offer a better fit than the out-of-the-box night guards, they’re still uncomfortable and bulky.

3. Custom-fitted dental mouth guards for teeth grinding offer the most comfort and the best protection.  Each mouth guard is individually made-to-fit based on an impression of the patient’s teeth.  The mouth guard fits perfectly over the upper teeth and provides a protective barrier between the teeth when they're in occlusion.

Why Purchase a Teeth Grinding Guard from

You will be buying a custom made teeth grinding guard from the exact same professional dental lab dentists use. Our dental lab has been servicing dentists for over 10 years and we’ve delivered thousands of perfectly fitted mouth guards for teeth grinding, dentures, and other dental appliances to dentists in the San Diego area. That’s why we have a 110% Money Back Guarantee: because we’re confident we can satisfy our customers.

Every purchase includes the following:

  •   An impression kit with detailed, simple to follow instructions to take your teeth impression
  •   All inclusive shipping and handling
  •   Custom made Pro Teeth Night Guard for teeth grinding

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We're committed to your complete comfort and satisfaction. All purchases are covered by our 110% Money Back Guarantee, so you can be confident when you make the purchase. Order Now or find out more about How it Works.