More Teeth Grinding FAQs

Teeth grinding (also known by its medical name: bruxism) affects roughly 8% of the population to differing degrees.  Grinding occurs most often at night.  Many people are not aware that they grind their teeth and may not know that they need treatment.  

Our goal is to help people who suffer from teeth grinding by providing an affordable, professional solution. Below are some articles with helpful information for those who grind their teeth.

Teeth Grinding Symptoms

How do I know if I grind my teeth at night?

Many people grind their teeth unknowingly at night, during sleep. The medical term for this condition is Bruxism.  Bruxism needs to be treated as soon as possible because the force generated during teeth grinding is such that it can lead to severe dental problems. Here's an article on the five signs that you are grinding your teeth at night.

Why do I grind my teeth at night?

A number of people are diagnosed to be grinding teeth on a regular basis and these patients are prescribed with the appropriate treatment, based on their need. So why do you grind your teeth at night? To better manage the condition, it is essential understand the underlying cause.  Here's an article on what causes teeth grinding.

Teeth Grinding Treatment

How do I stop grinding my teeth?

The effects of night grinding are irreversible. While there may be some remedies that dentists can do for you, your best chance is to address the condition as soon as possible.  Read on about how you can take steps to stop teeth grinding.

What are my treatment options for teeth grinding?

Teeth grinding can affect both children and adults, and occurs during either the day or evening. In some cases it affects people all day and night. A variety of treatments exist to help control this condition, from natural remedies, to devices or medication.  Read on about teeth grinding treatment options.

What is the best night guard for teeth grinding?

A teeth night guard can be used to prevent damage and injury to the teeth and other areas during nighttime teeth grinding.  Here's an article that helps you understand the different types of night guards and the best night guard for teeth grinding.

Are Occlusal Guards Effective?

An occlusal guard (also known as a bite guard, a night mouth guard, or a sleep mouth guard) is worn by people who suffer from teeth grinding.  Occlusal guards do not exactly cure night grinding, but they do cushion and protect the teeth.  Read on and find out: are occlusal guards effective?

Can I Use a Sport Mouth Guard as a Dental Night Guard?

Many people who suffer from teeth grinding are put off by the high cost of a night guard quoted at the dentist.  They may naturally wonder if it's possible to use a cheaper substitute, a sport mouth guard, as a solution to their teeth grinding.  Is that a good idea?  This article compares the differences between a sport mouth guard vs. a dental night guard and answers the question.

How Are Dental Night Guards Made?

Custom dental night guards are made at the dental laboratory following a precise process based on the impressions of the patient's teeth.  To find out more, read on about how dental night guards are made.

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