Pro Teeth Guard Reviews

ptg-reviews-image.jpgBruxism, or teeth grinding, is a very common issue that affects approximately 8% of the population. With extremely unpleasant symptoms such as daily tension headaches, sensitive teeth due to worn enamel, and visibly damaged teeth, a teeth night guard is absolutely necessary for most bruxers. Dentists typically charge anywhere from $400-$700 to provide teeth night guards to their patients, but luckily you can bypass this excessive cost by purchasing a night guard online!
A quick Google search for night guard websites will bring up a handful of the most popular and widely used online teeth guard companies, including ProTeethGuard. With many of these companies providing seemingly similar products, it can be hard for teeth grinders to determine where they are best off purchasing this essential dental appliance. What should you look for in an online teeth guard purchasing experience?

Here at ProTeethGuard, our overarching goal is to provide our customers with the best custom fitted dental night guards. What do we mean by “the best”?

  • Quality: Perfectly fitting, comfortable, and durable teeth guards made from the highest quality dental materials.
  • Guarantee: A minimum lifespan warranty on all of our night guards, cost-free adjustments, and our 110% money-back guarantee.
  • Experience: From start to finish, we’re just a quick phone call or email away to accommodate your unique needs, questions, and requests. We’d love to talk to you! Plus, shipping costs are on us.

We warmly welcome feedback from our customers, and are constantly looking for ways to improve. Our customers have provided us with some amazing reviews.  Here’s what some of our ProTeethGuard customers have to say:

I will definitely purchase these again! With fast shipping of the kit to make the teeth molds, we then quickly received the night guards for my husband this week.He absolutely loves them and says they are much more comfortable than his old ones he used to have. He wanted me to make sure to let you know how well they work, and his jaw no longer hurts in the morning from grinding all night. And with such a reasonable price, too! Thank You Pro Teeth!

review by Julie 10/2/16, Farmington, Utah

I was pleasantly surprised with how easy and inexpensive it was for me to get a quality night guard.Very happy with the product, the pricing AND the responsiveness of their customer service team. 


review by Eric 9/30/16, Ooltewah, Tennessee

 The hybrid night guard is an excellent product! Fits perfectly and very comfortable to wear. The night guard stays in place while sleeping. I showed my dentist, he took a look at how it fit and he approved. I would definitely recommend this product for anyone that grinds their teeth. 


review by Danny 6/20/16, Melbourne, Florida

Great product for a heavy grinder like myself! I realized it was time to replace the custom night guard the dog chewed up and found this product after recovering from the price tag shock of a new one from the dentist. I had been using pharmacy boil guards but kept spitting them out during the night, and ending up with chipped teeth. The hard plastic guard that I got is well fitted (better than my last dentist custom fitted guard) and comfortable. It doesn't feel like i'm choking on a mouthful of plastic and my husband no longer makes fun of me for being unintelligible with it in. Also, the impressions were very easy to do myself. 


review by Kelcey 4/15/16, Coon Rapids, Minnesota

I was told by my dentist that my teeth were showing signs of clenching at night and that I needed a good strong night guard, not just a drug store brand one. They quoted me $600 for a hard acrylic one. I found Pro-Teeth online and thought I would try it. I ordered the kit, did the impressions (which were very easy to do), sent them back and I got the night guard within 2 weeks. I took it to my dentist to show him and he was very impressed. It saved me almost $400.00 CDN to go through Pro-Teeth!


review by Niki 11/27/15, Spruce Grove, Alberta

My old heavy grinder guard from the dentist cracked after many years of use and I dreaded coughing up $600 for a new one. I wanted to save money but was sure that my new guard would require adjustments to fit properly as this was required when I bought my last one from the dentist. I was shocked to get my guard in the mail to try it on and have it fit perfectly on the first try! It took 3 weeks to arrive and customer service was very responsive to my inquiries. I will definitely buy here again. Thank you! 

review by Debra L. 9/27/15, Ojai, California

It all worked out great. Even though my first impression "failed", the hand written instructions for the second set helped me get it right the second time. I'm really pleased about the fit and like that I can't pop it out with my tongue at night. It's very comfortable.


review by Addison 5/18/14, Shoreline, Washington

I recommend you to other people who are looking for guards. I was really impressed with how well it went with something where fit is so critical.


review by Spencer 5/28/14, Devon, Pennsylvania

You guys are great I had trouble sleeping with other guards and this one is like my blankie-- can’t sleep without it!


review by Jane 6/19/14, Reno, Nevada

I was very impressed with the whole process. Very easy doing the molds etc. Also your customer service is awesome. I did my impressions before I had my fillings done and needed to redo them. I called and was sent a new kit, no questions asked.


review by Molly 6/24/14, Prairie City, Iowa

Pro Teeth Guard's Customer Happiness team is awesome! Super patient and friendly! :)


review by Natasha 7/11/14, Alberta, Canada

Overall I am very pleased with the service and product and have recommended the product to friends and family.


review by Karen 7/11/14, Los Angeles, California

Everything about Pro Teeth Guard has been great. The impressions were easy to make and my mouth guard fit perfectly when it came in the mail. Thank you for a wonderful experience!


review by Mia 7/16/14, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

One word: AWESOME. Thank you for my great night guard!


review by Maya 7/23/14, Washington, New Jersey

You guys re-did my mouth guard and made it fit perfectly, paying shipping both ways as promised. I'm highly impressed with the service and product.


review by Brian 8/13/14, Chevy Chase, Maryland

Pro Teeth Guard is the best! I am so happy I found you and would recommend you to anyone looking for a guard.


review by Clare 9/17/14, Lakeland, Florida

Absolutely one of the best customer service interactions I have had. You guys have decided you are going to build your business on customer service, and it shows. You are not just talking the talk. I will say that once we figured the lower hybrid out, what you sent is absolutely comfortable and a pleasure to wear. THANK YOU!!!!!


review by David 9/17/14, Forth Worth, Texas

I very much appreciated the custom-made tray as the first one was too big for my mouth. After being very unsatisfied with another internet mouthguard business, I was delighted with the service and quality you provided. I look forward to ordering with you again.


review by Cheryl 10/27/14, Redding, California

The grooves for my bottom teeth are a nice touch and a major improvement over my old mouth guard.


review by Angel 10/29/14, British Columbia, Canada

Thank you very much for your time. Your customer service is amazing and y'all went above and beyond.


review by Shauna 11/7/14, San Antonio, Texas

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