Pro Teeth Guard Reviews

ptg-reviews-image.jpgBruxism, or teeth grinding, is a very common issue that affects approximately 8% of the population. With extremely unpleasant symptoms such as daily tension headaches, sensitive teeth due to worn enamel, and visibly damaged teeth, a teeth night guard is absolutely necessary for most bruxers. Dentists typically charge anywhere from $400-$800 to provide teeth night guards to their patients, but luckily you can bypass this excessive cost by purchasing a night guard online!

A quick Google search for night guard websites will bring up a handful of the most popular and widely used online teeth guard companies, including ProTeethGuard. With many of these companies providing seemingly similar products, it can be hard for teeth grinders to determine where they are best off purchasing this essential dental appliance. What should you look for in an online teeth guard purchasing experience?

Here at ProTeethGuard, our overarching goal is to provide our customers with the best custom fitted dental night guards. What do we mean by “the best”?

  • Quality: Perfectly fitting, comfortable, and durable teeth guards made from the highest quality dental materials.
  • Guarantee: A minimum lifespan warranty on all of our night guards, cost-free adjustments, and our 110% money-back guarantee.
  • Experience: From start to finish, we’re just a quick phone call or email away to accommodate your unique needs, questions, and requests. We’d love to talk to you! Plus, shipping costs are on us.

Hear From Our Customers

We warmly welcome feedback from our customers, and are constantly looking for ways to improve. Our customers have provided us with some amazing reviews.  Here’s what some of our ProTeethGuard customers have to say:

This is my second hard night guard, the first guard I got from my dentist. The Pro Teeth Guard is far superior, starting with the fit, which is the most important thing. I would recommend Pro Teeth Guard to anyone who needs a guard, without hesitation. I also want to thank the dental technician who made my hard night guard. It was done perfect the first time. Working with Pro Teeth Guard has been wonderful. You can't go wrong with their product

review by Thomas 3/23/19, Brandywine, Maryland

This is hands down the most comfortable night guard I have ever owned. I don't know if it is that they bother to get upper and lower molds, but the fit is amazing and often times I forget I have it in and have to remind myself to take it out once I get up. Would buy again!

review by Jody 4/3/19, Arlington, Virginia

Very happy! Superior product that is comfortable to wear and so well made that no one realizes that I am wearing it. Also one of the best customer service experiences I’ve ever had and time frame from ordering to receiving guard was very fast, I will buy product from this company again.


review by Laura 4/17/19, Calgary, Alberta

I have worn a mouth guard at night for years to protect my investment of crowns that I have. I can honestly say that the ProTeeth soft guard is by far the best mouth guard I have ever had and at half the price or less - compared to getting one through the dentist. The process was easy and quick - - I will certainly get my next guard here again!.


review by Tom 3/30/19, Melbourne, Florida

I was very pleased with the night guard I ordered from Pro Teeth Guard. The process was simple with clear instructions. Everything promised was delivered.....first, the kit to make the mold, return packaging, and delivery of the final product. This is the most comfortable night guard I have ever worn. I plan to order a 2nd one soon.


review by Susan 3/27/19, Torrance, California

custom dental night guard for teeth grinding Shop Now

Thank god I found these guys online. My dentist recommended I get a mouth guard because they started to notice grinding marks on my teeth. So, of course they said my insurance doesn’t cover it and wanted to charge me $500!!! So, being the smart millennial that I am (at least so I think), I decided to google it and do some research online and I found these guys. It took me about a month before I decided to do my impressions and I don’t know why I lagged so much. It was so easy. About 2 weeks later I had my mouth guard and it fits perfect. I will definitely recommend these guys to anyone who is in need of a MG. 

review by Alex 2/26/19, Temecula, California

I had been wondering for years why my teeth were SO sensitive, and my new dentist told me that I have bad damage from grinding, including a crack in my tooth. I shopped around for mouth guards because I didn't want to spend a lot of $$$ at the dentist. I first tried the kind that you put over a pot of boiling water. You can find them cheap, but they didn't work for me at all. First, putting them in the water was more complicated than I'd hoped it would be, and I ruined one just doing that. The other bad thing is its hard to put it in your mouth while it's still hot enough to mold but cool enough you're not burning your mouth. And it fit like a football mouthguard. Since it was for top and bottom all in one, it was misery to wear. I couldn't put my bottom teeth in the groove because of my overbite. So that was no good at all. Plus, it reeked of chemicals when it was boiled and was just nasty to put in my mouth and caused me to gag because it was so big and the smell.

I searched around and found this site had high reviews universally and was recommended in blogs I found. It is a supreme site. You can chat with customer service anytime. The first time I tried to fit the impressions, even though I tried to follow the directions, I messed up. But they sent out another kit free and gave advice on how to get a better impression. I use the bottom guard and I can wear my retainer on top, which is perfect for me, since I need my retainer to keep my overbite from getting worse. After I sent in the second set of impressions, I was notified with emails as Proteeth was working on the guard. When they sent it, it fit perfectly. It is the right size for my mouth--no pain in my jaw from a football-sized guard, and my bottom and top teeth don't have to meet, which is never going to happen. A lot of my sensitivity has already gone away. Another nice feature is that the top of the guard is grooved to fit where my top teeth land. I am really glad I found this product, and will re-order when I need a new mouthguard.


review by Tarah 1/18/19, New Oxford, Pennsylvania

I am extremely happy with the quality of the mouthguard. It is sleek and slim and fits well, yet still protects my teeth. My dentist was going to charge me $300-$400 for a mouthguard, so I am extremely pleased with the price of this product as well.


review by Peggy 3/26/19, Encinitas, California

I am very pleased Pro Teeth Guard. I love the night guard they recommended. It took me several times to take good pictures of my teeth. The support team was very patient with me and worked with me until the right results were achieved. In addition, I needed to return my night guard for an adjustment. Turnaround time was always faster than expected. I highly recommend this company.


review by Cathy 1/26/19, Benicia, California

I discovered I clench at night about 5 years ago and have gone through several dentist provided mouth guards at 350 each. This one is by far the best I’ve had at almost half the price. It is comfortable and not super thick. The dentist provided mouth guard was actually giving me an overbite because it was so bulky and thick but I love how pro teeth guard took impressions of the top and bottom teeth so my bite wouldn’t change at all.


review by Nicolle 3/25/19, Rialto, California

Successfully created mold on second attempt. Because of recent crowns on upper fronts, I could only do bottom teeth mold. Pro Teeth Guard agreed to create the guard anyway. It was a perfect fit and the most comfortable guard I’ve ever used. Fast service from start to finish. Five stars!


review by Paul 2/6/19, Frostburg, Maryland

I was so pleased with my first PTG guard a few years ago, I recently came back for another. I must have goofed the molding process this second time around because the second guard wasn't fitting right. PTG was happy to take my feedback on getting the right fit, and sent me a revised model. Sadly, I was still not comfortable in this revision. Thanks to their guarantee, they were again willing to ensure my satisfaction, and sent another mold kit to try one more mold. The result this third time is excellent. The fit is great and is far more comfortable than my interim soft silicone guard. Thanks PTG!!


review by Phil 2/11/19, Mercer Island, Washington

Love this company. Fast, responsive, and super clear instructions. After my dentist wanted to charge me $700 for a mouth guard, I thought I would peek around online. I figured there had to be a cheaper option. Turns out, not only cheaper, but far superior. I procrastinated making my teeth impressions (for, like a year y'all) and there were zero problems with my order when I FINALLY sent them in. Also, don't procrastinate. It is actually very easy and quick to make the impressions! A few weeks after I got my guard, a friend's dog chewed it up...turns out that isn't so uncommon. They keep your records for a year so it is easy to reorder. They even asked me if I wanted to send in a photo of the dog for the photoblog. I'm SO pleased I found proteethguard. Thank you for writing personal emails. It makes such a difference in the world of internet retail. Loyal for life-and buying guards for kids and friends too. Thanks!


review by Nat 12/20/18, Tucson, Arizona

I'm very happy with my mouth guard. I'm a heavy grinder and prior to using my jaw would always hurt and I would get massive headaches. After that last couple of weeks of use, I can feel a big difference. If you are a heavy grinder I'd recommend this one. It's comfortable, not that noticeable, and doesn't both me at all when I sleep.


review by Charissa 12/18/18, Mesa, Arizona

This was an awesome experience- Easy to order, quick to be delivered. Directions were easy to follow and it fits PERFECTLY. Great quality, fraction of the cost of the same thing from my dentist. Would definitely order again, although fulling trusting & expecting this sucker to last me a while !! Thanks


review by Allison 11/27/18, Birmingham, Alabama

I needed to replace a custom guard that I had gotten from my dentist and worn through over time. When I found Pro Teeth Guard online, I was sure it was too good to be true. After having the my guard for a month, I couldn’t be happier. The guard fits better than what I had from my custom fitting at my dentist. I was able to pay using my health flexible spending account and it cost a fraction of what I had paid my dentist for a lower quality product. I could not be happier and I highly recommend the product. I did follow advice the reviews and the instructions to carefully follow the steps to make the imprints correctly — and I do recommend taking the extra minute to do this properly!


review by Tim 11/24/18, Lexington, Virginia

Wonderful people to work with from beginning to end. I did not do the original impression correctly. They immediately sent me a text and told me they would send me additional product and made suggestions. I realized what I did wrong and returned the second impression. I received the mouth guard and my two front bottom teeth (#24 & #25) had pressure on them. I sent them a picture of me pointing to the two teeth as well as using the guide they sent to identify #24 & #25. Received my new mouth guard back and it was perfect. I threw my old one away and couldn't be happier. They also were very nice about sending me the return postage the second time. Very cool. Thank you. P.S. And the other great part? My dentist was going to charge me $500 for a new mouth guard. Right!


review by Diane 11/20/18, El Cajon, California

Experience was first rate, from placing the order to using the device. Customer service is very accessible and helpful, especially going through the fitting process. All turned out great and I wish I'd bought this product years ago. I believe my dentist charged me about $350 for essentially the same device, probably 15 years ago, so I imagine it would be significantly more expensive now. I can say my new device performs as well as the one I got from my dentist. Highly recommend.


review by Bruce 11/13/18, Glen Ellyn, Illinois

I truly cannot think of one thing I would want to change in my experience with Pro Teeth Guard. It was a great experience all around. I was hesitant at first to buy something that needs to be custom made from an online company, but everything went far better than expected ... everything from using their website to determine the best bite guard, placing my order, receiving the impression kit and making the impressions, working with customer service on a different type of guard when THEY noticed a bone abnormality that would have made the guard I originally picked uncomfortable, to receiving my new, perfectly fitted, bite guard. This bite guard is so comfortable that I hardly notice it. My previous bite guard that I got from my dentist does not even compare in comfort or price. I’m very happy with this product and my experience with the company.


review by Deb 11/12/18, Indianapolis, Indiana

This is a great product at a very reasonable cost. My dentist wanted $900 for a similar one. The service was excellent. I did not do well three times with the initial procedure required for proper fitting. They were patient and helpful and finally got me through it. I have a good fit and the guard is very comfortable. I highly recommend this company.


review by Richard 11/9/18, Colorado Springs, Colorado

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