Pro Teeth Guard Discount Coupon Codes

As many bruxism patients know, teeth grinding can be a very costly condition to deal with. Many teeth grinders have already had to pay high amounts in order to repair or replace damaged teeth, or perhaps you’ve purchased a costly teeth grinding guard through your dentist in the past, and simply can’t dish out the $400-$900 expense to replace your guard. You may have already lost money attempting to use over-the-counter teeth night guards that didn’t solve the problem.

In any case, here at ProTeethGuard we understand teeth grinders’ need to find the most high quality and affordable custom guard available to them. Not only will you already save 50% or more by purchasing one of our night guards, but we offer a few additional discounts in order to help you save as much as possible.

May 2022 Discount Coupon Codes

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Additional Discount Coupon Codes

Discount for Purchasing Two or More Night Guards at Pro Teeth Guard

Order 2 guards and get $50 OFF: it’s a good idea to own more than one teeth guard in case you lose or break one, as is common with teeth guards. As you may know, even a few nights without a teeth guard can be a very unpleasant experience.

Also, you may want to have a night guard for night time teeth grinding and an ultra-thin day guard for day time grinding and clenching.  The day guard is great for day-time wear since it's much thinner and less noticeable.

If you purchase two or more teeth guards in one transaction, you can use code 2XPROTEETH at checkout to get $50 off your order. Since we can save on shipping and impression material costs when you order two night guards in one go, we're happy to pass the savings onto you!

Discount Codes for Returning Customers of Pro Teeth Guard

Many of our customers return to purchase second, third, and fourth ProTeethGuard custom guards. If your previous order was within the past year, we should still have your dental impressions in storage and can typically reuse them to create a new guard.

Returning customers who have purchased one of our night guards within the last year can apply a special coupon code to receive $25 off the next night guard. Simply call or email us with your previous order information to obtain this discount code (see contact information below).

What does $25 off do to the cost of our custom teeth guards? It will discount...

  • the hard night guard for heavy grinding down to $174.99 (org. $199.99),
  • the hybrid guard for moderate grinding down to $154.99 (org. $179.99)
  • the soft guard for light grinding down to $134.99 (org. $159.99)
  • the ultra thin day guard for day time grinding and clenching down to $144.99 (org. $169.99)

Refer A Friend to Earn a Bigger Discount

Additionally, we have a Refer A Friend program for those customers who wish to share Pro Teeth Guard with their friends. Please visit our Refer A Friend page here to earn $40 off your next teeth guard for each friend who purchases for the first time using your link. Click here to learn more!

Applying your Pro Teeth Guard Discount Codes

You will need to enter your coupon code within the shopping cart, before you proceed to checkout.  Please see the screenshot below:

how to apply pro teeth guard coupon


Additional Ways to Obtain Savings at Pro Teeth Guard

In addition to these savings, we offer further store credits to our customers for giving us feedback and reviews. (We love feedback!)

Feel free to call us at 1-888-467-5650 or contact us via the contact form if you have any inquiries regarding Pro Teeth Guard coupon codes.