Back to School Health – Stress and Teeth Grinding Prevention

27th Aug 2018

It’s hard to believe that time of year is here already, Back to School 2018, with all of the shopping, discounts, coupons and savings (and stress) that comes with it! But while many parents recognize that this time of year understandably adds additional stress for them, it also can be a source of stress and anxiety for many students as well, which can lead to some unique health considerations as you prepare for Back to School. One of these concerns is teeth clenching and grinding affecting students, as discussed in a detailed  radio interview at the University of Utah.

It may not be obvious at first, but the symptoms of  Bruxism can dramatically impact the daily health of a student heading Back to School. Headaches, teeth clenching, jaw pain, and loss of sleep are all symptoms associated with teeth grinding (particularly at night). While there are more severe cases and causes that require advanced treatment like TMJ, for the Bruxism patient, the remedy to the problem is readily available. As quoted in this Vice article, "A night guard is the gold standard," says Ruchi Sahota, an ADA spokesperson and a practicing dentist in Fremont, California.

custom fitted teeth guard, such as the ones made at, help reduce the symptoms and long-term consequences of Bruxism, including helping to prevent teeth loss, infection in the gums, fatigued jaw joints and more. The main causes of teeth grinding are stress and anxiety (often heightened during Back to School), as well as stimulants like drugs and caffeine.

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