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Teeth grinding is painful and hazardous to your long term dental health. But the solution the dentist offers, a custom dental teeth night guard, is often very expensive: $300 - $500, or even more in some cases.

At, you can order a professionally made, custom dental night guard directly from the manufacturer: a professional dental lab. Don’t overpay at the dentist! Order online and save.

Why Your Dentist Charges $300 - $500 for a Night Guard

It’s a little known fact, but dentists don’t actually make the night guards they provide to patients. Night guards (like many other dental appliances such as dentures and crowns) are made by a professional dental lab. The dentist takes an impression of the patient’s teeth and sends the impression to the dental lab. Using the impression, the dental lab takes care of the entire fabrication process and delivers the completed custom dental night guard to the dentist’s office. While the patient may think they’re getting a custom night guard from the dentist, what is actually happening is that the dentist pays the dental lab for the night guard and charges a 200% to 300% markup for it.

Order Online and Get the Same Dentist Quality Custom Dental Night Guard is operated by a professional dental lab in San Diego County, California, and we let you order a custom dental night guard directly from the source. Here’s how it works:

1. Place an order online at and we will send you an easy to use home impression kit for taking your teeth impression.

2. Use the kit and bite into a dental putty to take an impression of your teeth.

3. Mail your teeth impression to us in the prepaid envelope provided and our professional dental lab will create a custom-fit night guard for you.

The night mouth guard we create is the same quality as the one you would get from a dentist. How do we know that? Our professional dental lab currently makes and delivers custom dental night guards to dentist offices here in California. We use the same professional dental materials and process for our online customers at

We’re Committed to Your Satisfaction with our 110% Money Back Guarantee

At, we’re committed to the comfort and satisfaction of every customer. We’re confident in the high quality of our custom-made dental night guards and we stand behind them with our 110% money back guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with the nightguard you purchased, we’ll do everything we can to make things right. If we can’t resolve the issue to your satisfaction, you’re entitled to a 110% refund (that’s right, we refund 110% of what you paid).

Here is a Testimonial from a Happy Customer

"Never pay those ridiculous prices at the dentist for mouth guards again! This was so quick and easy and the price is totally reasonable. I received the kit in great time. Customer service was awesome, very attentive and friendly. I will definitely recommend this store to all my family and friends. Thank you Pro Teeth Guards!"

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Who Needs Custom Dental Night Guards?

dental night guard Most people who grind their teeth chronically do so at night, unconsciously. While occassional teeth grinding is usually not a reason for concern, anyone who experiences habitual teeth grinding should consider seeking treatment. Habitual teeth grinding (also known as bruxism) exerts excessive force (upwards of 200 lbs) on the teeth and jaw joints. This causes wear and tear on the tooth enamel, as well as muscles and joints in the jaw. Bruxism can lead to a variety of serious problems. These include broken and damaged teeth, headaches, neck and jaw pain.   Stress, anxiety, and other problems can cause or exacerbate teeth grinding.

How Do Custom Dental Night Guards Work?

The guard is inserted into the mouth and covers the upper teeth.  A well-made dental night guard should not be bulky, making it possible to sleep without being uncomfortable or having your breathing obstructed. The material cushions your teeth, which prevents them from grinding against one another. There are two different types to choose from. One option is to buy an over the counter piece, the other is to have a custom fitted mouth guard made just for you.

The over the counter mouth guards are less expensive. If you choose to purchase one yourself, there are two different kinds. One is called "boil and bite." Just like the name implies, you boil the guard in order to soften it. It then slides into your mouth and you bite down. This customizes the dental guard by creating impressions of your teeth. The other kind does not require boiling, instead you use scissors to trim the guard to a comfortable size.  These over the counter options do not offer the best comfort and fit.

A dentist can also customize a dental teeth night guard for you. The measurements and contours of your mouth are taken using a dental impression which are sent to a lab.  A custom dental night guard is then made from your teeth impression.  This is the best dental night guard and offers the best comfort and fit.

What Are Dental Night Guards Made Of?

This depends on the type of night guard you have. An over the counter guard is usually made out of soft or hard plastic.  For the custom dental night guards, there are several options. The hard ones are made from heat-cured acrylic resin, a hard, clear plastic material. The soft ones are made from heat-contoured laminate material. Finally, there is the dual-laminate options, which is hard acrylic on the outside and soft laminate material on the inside.

Where Can I Get A Dental Night Guard?

Over the counter night guards can be bought at drug stores.  For a custom fitted dental night guard, you can go see a dentist and pay the dentist’s price.  Alternatively, you can purchase online directly from and save hundreds of dollars.

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P.S.: We're committed to your complete comfort and satisfaction.  All purchases are covered by our 110% Money Back Guarantee.