Soft Custom Night Guard for Teeth Grinding

Soft Night Guard - Light Grinding or Clenching


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What's Included

  • An impression kit with instructions to take your teeth impressions
  • All inclusive shipping and handling
  • One custom made Pro Teeth Night Guard for teeth grinding
  • A plastic case for your night guard
  • If needed, FREE adjustments until you get the perfect fit
  • 110% money back guarantee

110% Money Back

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  • Product Description

    This soft custom night guard is for light to moderate teeth grinding.  It protect your teeth and eases jaw muscle pain.  It is also ideal for those who suffer from teeth clenching rather than grinding, since the soft material acts as a cushion for the clenching forces.

    It is made from a flexible, rubber material (approximately 1.5 - 2mm thick).  The night guard may be used for approximately 6 months to 2 years, depending on the degree of teeth grinding.

    Type of GuardBest Used For
    Soft Light to Moderate Grinding or Teeth Clenching
    Hybrid Moderate to Heavy Grinding
    Hard Heavy to Severe Grinding
    Ultra Thin Day Time Grinding

    Your purchase includes:

    • An impression kit with instructions to take your teeth impression: we take both upper & lower teeth impressions to guarantee a perfect fit for your night guard
    • All inclusive shipping and handling 
    • One custom made Pro Teeth Night Guard for teeth grinding
    • A plastic case for your night guard for teeth grinding

    Please note: If you're suffering from TMJ or TMJ symptoms, we do NOT recommend ordering a night guard online.  Please consult your dentist directly.  For more information, see this article about bruxism vs TMJ.

  • Product Reviews


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    1. Easy Impressions, Great Fit, Great Price

      After hearing how much my dentist was going to charge me for a mouth guard I looked online and decided to use Pro Teeth Guard instead at 1/5 of the cost. The directions for taking impressions were clear and easy to understand. Once I got my mouth guard the fit was perfect. When I need a new mouth guard I will be using Pro Teeth Guard again. on 8th Mar 2018

    2. Very comfortable night guard

      This is my second night guard purchased here. It fits very comfortably and doesn't feel too bulky. Customer service is great. They answered all my questions and addressed my needs promptly. Also quick service and affordable. Highly recommend! on 22nd Feb 2018

    3. Good fit and Comfortable

      This new soft night guard is much more comfortable than the previous harder night guard I had. The customer service is always fantastic and very helpful. on 22nd Jan 2018

    4. Best fit ever

      My dentist recommended me to get a teeth guard to protect my teeth from night grinding. Since he charges $300 for the guards, I checked out teeth guards on Google, and found this website. I didn't do the fitting right the first time, so they kindly sent me a second set of putty to try it again. I did better on the second try, and they used my impressions to make my teeth guard. It fits like a glove. I barely notice that I have it in my mouth when I wake up in the morning. They were always professional, considerate of my struggles with making my impressions, and produced a quality product for less than half the cost of my dentist.
      on 28th Dec 2017

    5. Great service

      I have bought 3 night guards, my dog eat 2, and have been extremely pleased. Great price, product and service.
      Bought the first one from my dentist and cost me an arm and a leg, I then found Pro Teeth and will never again let the dentist make so much money on me.
      Thank yo for your service and product.
      on 15th Dec 2017

    6. Works for me!

      I am impressed with the quality of everything: the impressions kit was easy to do with well-written instructions and pre-paid postage to return my impression saved me a trip to the post office.

      The guard is a perfect fit! While I would prefer to not have to wear one at night, I appreciate the protection it offers.

      I have to admit I secretly enjoyed the blank reaction from my dentist when she opened up my recent visit with " So let's talk about a night guard (which she had quoted at about $400)" and I said, - "oh already did that!" When I explained how I ordered it from a dental lab, did my own impression, and had it back a week later, she simply said, "glad that worked for you".
      on 6th Nov 2017

    7. Great Service and Care

      I am pleased with the upper and lower guards I purchased and consider them better than the last two I had from the dentist which cost 450 dollars. The customer support is excellent, and if anything goes wrong, they will correct it. i have no downsides to describe.
      The prices are more than reasonable and this is what a guard "should" cost in the US.
      Thanks Pro Teeth Guard. Do not hesitate to order this.
      on 31st Aug 2017

    8. Great Product

      I tried many of the mouth guards from the drug stores. This one fits and does not hurt my mouth. on 22nd Aug 2017

    9. A blooming miracle!

      My new ProTeeth Night Guard is on duty, and that means all my teeth are finally behaving at night, At the first sign of trouble, i.e., gnashing, grinding, teeth-twerking, etc., the little guard quells any troublemakers and then lies back quietly so I don't even know he's there. In the morning at the end of his shift he heads back to his little green pod after a quick brush-up and rests before his next shift. I am now silently giving my dentist nyah, nyah, nyahs because I saved on bundle on him and it took just slightly more than 15 minutes to order, do the easy fitting process, and get the guard back from the mysterious Maker in charge of such things. Every step was streamlined, efficient, and clear. This company is an example of the gold standard in business models. Order one today,!
      on 20th Jul 2017

    10. Perfect fit! Great price! Wonderful customer service!

      Pro Teeth Guard was a great fit the first time! With their easy to follow directions, and once I mailed my impressions, the turn around time was very quick! Another happy customer that will be back!
      on 10th Jul 2017