A Thank You to Our Customers - Customer Success Stories

Here at Pro Teeth Guard we are always amazed by our customers. Your optimism and persistence despite dental bills and pain, inspires us to keep working to make the best and most comfortable mouth guards possible.

Lydia’s Story

We recently heard from Lydia who, after years of expensive dental treatments, crippling headaches, terrible jaw pain, and even difficulty speaking was finally diagnosed with bruxism and began her search for the perfect mouth guard.

Working as a corporate and virtual trainer, Lydia’s nighttime clenching and grinding not only cost her “hundreds and thousands per year” on dental care but also affected her work. She recalls:

“Prior to discovering Pro TeethGuard I would find that with the clenching in my sleep the corner of the inside of my cheeks were ”crunched“ thus at about the two hour mark of speaking I would have to consciously form my mouth a certain way to enable some words to be spoken clearly”

Struggling with daily discomfort, massive dental bills including a $3,000 implant and bridge procedure, and the possibility of having her whole mouth redone, Lydia was desperate for a solution. She started with a stock mouth guard from Walgreens, then tried an expensive guard from her dentist but found that the fit was never quite right. After three fittings, she was embarrassed to ask for further changes, but the guard still wasn’t comfortable! It was “tough and hard to sleep in” so she wasn’t wearing it.

But then she found us. She told us about how, rather than a dental assistant pressing too hard in some places and not hard enough in others while fitting the mold, she was able to fit our large size (requested specially to fit her jaw) mold comfortably and easily, personalizing it to her unique jaw shape.

“I was apprehensive at first because after all I am not a dentist, but your directions were so step by step and easy I could press all the deep corners that I can feel needs to be pressed etc.”

Doing it herself, she knew she could get it right and create the perfect fit for her comfort.

After visiting Pro Teeth Guard, it’s been a over year since Lydia visited her dentist and she hasn’t needed a single treatment. Her dentist wants her back but as she told us: “I have not had the need to go back because the guard you made for me fits absolutely perfectly!”


After a decade of filling replacements, expensive bridge work, fillings, and root canals, she’s finally found a solution with us. In her own words:

“I KNOW it works from using it and having years of bad experience of other products to compare it to.”

Our Inspiration

It’s customers like this that make what we do worthwhile. We hear your stories of pain and frustration and we are delighted to know that, by putting the power back in your hands, we can help you find a solution to your clenching and grinding. And it never gets old. Every time we hear about another happy, satisfied customer we are delighted.

So now, we’d like to thank you! Thank you for always believing that relief was out there, for searching for solutions through the pain and the stress, and for trusting us to help you when no one else could. We are proud to provide bruxism solutions to amazing customers like you!