$100 Store Credit for Frontline Workers

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Get $100 Store Credit toward any Custom Night Guard from Pro Teeth Guard

This is an incredibly stressful time for everyone, but especially for the people on the frontlines risking their own personal safety to keep others safe.

We rely on frontline workers in our fight against COVID-19 and we are grateful for their service.  We'd like to do our part in helping frontline workers get a good night's rest, so they can wake up and fight the good fight.

That's why we're introducing this initiative for all frontline workers: apply to receive $100 STORE CREDIT and priority turnaround time on a custom night guard.  YES, we'll be losing money and each and every transaction; however, we really believe it's important for us to support our frontline workers during the COVID-19 crisis.

Custom Dental Mouth Guards from Pro Teeth Guard

At Pro Teeth Guard, we offer professional quality custom dental guards online.  Get the comfort of a custom mouth guard for teeth grinding without the outrageous price tag. 

Our night guards cost $159.99 - $199.99, compared to the $400 or more you would pay the the dentist.  Pro Teeth Guard is operated by a professional dental lab in San Diego County and we use the same professional materials and process for our night guards as a guard you would get from the dentist.  We have hundreds of 5 star customer reviews (take a look at our most popular night guard here), plus a 110% money back guarantee.

Apply for $100 STORE CREDIT and Priority Turnaround Time on a Custom Night Guard

  • $100 STORE CREDIT: apply to receive $100 store credit toward the purchase of any night guard.*
  • Priority turn-around time: we'll do our best to prioritize your order and try to complete it faster than our usual turnaround time.
  • All frontline workers can apply: healthcare professionals, first responders, restaurant workers, grocery store workers, delivery drivers... we appreciate your service and we'd like to support you.
  • Limited number per week: we have limited resources to support this initiative and will limit the number of requests per week based on our capacity.  We're a small family-run business doing our best to support frontline workers during this crisis and we appreciate your patience and understanding.

*Store credit is not redeemable for cash and cannot be applied to previous orders.

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Some of your questions answered

Why $100 Credit? Why Not FREE?

We gave this a lot of thought before launching the program.  Here are our reasons for doing a $100 credit rather than a FREE offer.

  • It helps more people: it allows us to support that many more frontline workers. As a small business, we can’t afford to shoulder the cost of the entire product for 100’s of orders. But if we’re closer to break even (e.g. we lose $10 per order instead of $100, that means we can support 10 TIMES the number of frontline workers)
  • We avoid people taking advantage of a FREE offer: only people who really need the product will end up getting the heavily discounted price 

What do I need to do to provide proof that I'm a frontline worker?

Please enter your email and you will be sent an application form, the application form will have a place for you to provide your supporting proof. If you have any further questions, please do contact us!

Frontline Workers We're Proud To Support with $100 Store Credit

Week of Wednesday April 15, 2020

  1. Sara — Anesthesiologist, San Diego, California
  2. Danielle — Nurse Practitioner, Murrells Inlet, California
  3. Irene — Registered Nurse, Nashua, New Hampshire
  4. Anubhav — Cardiologist, Akron, Ohio
  5. Peyton — Pharmacist, South Holland, Illinois
  6. Jason — FedEx Express Manager, Roanoke, Virginia
  7. James — ER Resident, NYC, New York
  8. Jenny — Optometrist, Chicago, Illinois
  9. Gina — Registered Nurse, Aventura, Florida
  10. Kimberly — Purchasing at Hospital, Hopkinsville, Kentucky
  11. Steve — Police Officer, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  12. Wesley — Police Officer, Alexandria, Virginia

*Special thanks to Mary from Ashtabula, Ohio who donated her refund credit to this initiative to help us expand our capacity by 2 spots this week

Week of Wednesday April 22, 2020

  1. Spencer — Construction, Mesa, Arizona
  2. Harry — Community Manager, San Marcos, California
  3. Laura — Optometrist, Malvern, Pennsylvania
  4. Robert — Hospital IT Manager, Panorama City, California
  5. Emily — Radiation Therapist, Portland, Oregon
  6. Ariana — Grocery Clerk, Bakersfield, California
  7. Tiana — USDA Consumer Safety Inspector, Edinburg, Virginia
  8. Amelia — Registered Nurse, Jacksonville, Florida
  9. Louise — Dietitian, Seattle, Washington
  10. Anna — Social Worker, Santa Ana, California
  11. Josh — Firefighter, San Ramon, California
  12. Adam — Field Engineer for Food Service, Independence, Ohio

Week of Wednesday April 29, 2020

  1. Kade — Transportation, Idaho Falls, Idaho
  2. Janelle — Clinical Social Worker, Norwalk, California
  3. Mani — Airline Customer Service, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  4. Steven — Resident Physician, Los Angeles, California
  5. Minho — Hospital Volunteer, Edison, New Jersey
  6. Sue — Shopper/Delivery, Gambrills, Maryland
  7. Jayli — Patient Care Aide, Alexandria, Virginia
  8. Joshua — Radiologist, Lakewood, Colorado
  9. Marcia — Hospital Volunteer, Albany, Georgia
  10. Florence — Water Plant Operator, Cleveland, Ohio

Week of Wednesday May 6, 2020

  1. Kathleen — Resident Physician, Baltimore, Maryland
  2. Sheila — Radiation Therapist, Briarwood, New York
  3. Robyn — 911 Dispatcher, Tacoma, Washington
  4. Patricia — Volunteer, Marlton, New Jersey
  5. Kimberly — Medical Office Worker, Hershey, Pennsylvania
  6. Alexandra — Registered Nurse, Richmond, Virginia
  7. Manohar — Veterinarian, Brownsville, Texas
  8. Sarah — Volunteer, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
  9. Adam — Field Service Tech, Idaho Falls, Idaho
  10. Lowell — DOD Contractor, Washington D.C.
  11. Michaela — Emergency Department Registered Nurse, Boston, Massachusetts
  12. Katelyn — Deputy Sheriff, Virginia Beach, Washington

Week of Wednesday May 13, 2020

  1. Duy — Medical Resident, Phoenix, Arizona
  2. Jeff — Delivery Driver, Pennsburg, Pennsylvania
  3. Melissa — Postal Worker, Manchester, New Hampshire
  4. Anastasia — Certified Nursing Assistant, Wayne, Michigan
  5. Candace — Support Worker, Port Perry, Ontario, Canada
  6. Brian — Computer Sales and Service, Kenora, Ontario, Canada
  7. Paul — Anesthesiologist, San Francisco, California
  8. Jen — EMT, Manteca, California
  9. Kristina — Nurse Practitioner, Peabody, Massachusetts
  10. Nian — Registered Nurse, Plano, Texas
  11. Sarah — Healthcare Receptionist, Jackson, Michigan
  12. Patricia — Volunteer, Marlon, New Jersey

Week of Wednesday May 20, 2020

  1. Vi — Pharmacist, Fresno, California
  2. Ja-Lynn — Emergency Medicine Physician, Los Angeles, California
  3. Frank — Physician, Palo Alto, California
  4. June — Optometrist, Hillsboro, Oregon
  5. Angie — Behavioral Health Clinician, Dorchester, Massachusetts
  6. Danielle — Registered Nurse, Salem, Oregon
  7. Yeji — Registered Nurse, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  8. Jessica — Resident Physician, New Have, Connecticut
  9. Christine — Pharmacy IT, Corona, California
  10. Desiree — Occupational Therapist, Los Angeles, California
  11. Phil — Medical Resident, New York, New York
  12. Amy — Psychotherapist, Harker Heights, Texas

Week of Wednesday May 27, 2020

  1. Lisa — Registered Nurse, Antioch, California
  2. Kristina — Physical Therapist, Oroville, California
  3. Eric — Physical Therapist, Portland, Oregon
  4. Raymond — Resident Physician, Hershey, Pennsylvania
  5. Antonia — Doctor, Boston, Massachusetts 
  6. Kate — Registered Nurse, Baltimore, Maryland
  7. Sarah — Registered Nurse, Houston, Texas 
  8. John — Emergency Physician, Salt Lake City, Utah
  9. Justin — Physical Therapist, Oroville, California 
  10. Eugenia — Registered Nurse, Georgetown, Kentucky 
  11. Stephanie — Pharmacist, Glendale, California 
  12. Alissa — Pediatric Physician, New Hyde Park, New York

Week of Wednesday June 3, 2020

  1. Carter — Emergency Physician, Chicago, Illinois
  2. Brett — Dispensary Clerk, San Francisco, California
  3. Everett — Paramedic, Richmond, California
  4. Jamie — Pediatrician, Boston, Massachusetts
  5. Jennifer — Emergency Nurse, New York, New York
  6. Marian — Personal Support Worker, Toronto, Canada
  7. Jen — Physical Therapist, Kirkland, Washington
  8. Andrew — Physician, Chicago, Illinois
  9. Earl — Emergency RN, San Diego, California
  10. Ashley — Pharmacist, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
  11. Lena — Nurse Practitioner, New York, New York
  12. Melissa — Physician, Oakland, California