How to Stop Grinding Teeth

Night Grinding or clenching may not seem so serious; in fact, it is often disregarded. But when one gains a better understanding of what really happens in the mouth of the sufferer, the sound of the term “bruxism” sends an alarm that signifies the necessity to stop grinding teeth. Constant bruxers are in danger of the following:

  • Severe tooth damage. Constant clenching will damage tooth surface and wear facets will be observed on the occlusal and incisal of the teeth. 
  • Pulp exposure and teeth sensitivity. Severe damage to the teeth will destroy tissues to the point that the vital pulp will be exposed, causing severe sensitivity. 
  • Collapse of the bite. When significant tooth structure has been lost, especially in the posterior area of the jaw, the bite will collapse, compromising the health of the temporobandibular joint. 
  • Loss of facial integrity. When the bite collapses, the muscles and the facial tissues take the effect and they sag and wrinkle, making you look old.

The effects of night grinding are irreversible. While there may be some remedies that dentists can do for you, your best chance is to address the condition as soon as possible.

How to Stop Grinding Teeth: Your Options

Basic Natural Remedies:

As with most problems, if you wish to reach a resolution, the root problem is first determined. Night grinding is believed to be caused by stress. People who lead stressful lives or may be in a very stressful condition are observed clenching their teeth vigorously to the point of damaging their teeth. To resolve this issue, the most significant solution you can rely on is to avoid stress. Ask yourself why you are stressed and eliminate it from your life. Get ample sleep. Lessen the consumption of caffeine, alcohol and chocolate; and engage yourself in more relaxing activities such as meditation, exercise and counselling.

Perform muscle relief exercises. Night grinding and teeth clenching is often related to overworked or over-tensed muscles. At increased activity, more involuntary action will be observed. By performing relief exercises on a regular basis, you relax the tensed muscles so bringing it to a perfectly calmed condition. Massage the muscles of the neck, face, shoulders, jaw and forehead a few minutes before you retire in bed for the night.

Figure out if you need to increase your intake of magnesium and calcium. The body needs certain substances in order to function well and a deficiency will bring about drastic results. A deficit in calcium and magnesium will put one’s health in a compromised position. These two nutrients control the functions of the nervous and the musculatory system that controls night grinding.

How to Stop Grinding Teeth: Professional Help

If your condition does not improve with these methods, set an appointment with a dentist to successfully stop teeth grinding. A dental professional can help you prevent and manage the effects of night grinding. At the early stages, your dentist may recommend that you wear occlusal guards or night guards to provide some kind of cushion to absorb any damaging effects; but when the effects are already severe, splinting and crowning may be prescribed to reposition the bite and transform the teeth to proper health.

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